Audience with the Queens - a new look at Drag Queens
Audience with the Queens is an award winning documentary on the lives behind the scenes of the Key West Drag Queens
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 The Filmmaker ~ About Robbie Hopcraft
"Uncovering a subject in a new and exciting way"

Robbie Hopcraft, the Filmmaker for Audience with the Queens
Robbie Hopcraft, Filmmaker, Audience with the Queens

We are a small video production company located here in the
Southernmost City of Key West, Florida. We film different special events during the year. All of the events are in little ole’ Key West.

The projects we’ve produced are the Homemade Bikini Contest at the
Hog’s Breath Saloon and The Living Arts Body Painting Event at the
Ocean Key House.

Our current project, Audience with the Queens is a documentary revealing a look into the world of Drag Queens in  Key West. A very fascinating subject with some very talented performers.

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