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Another Great Film Review

March 1st, 2011 No comments

Hi Robbie…

the famous Drag Queen - Sheila Wolf

nice to see you in the outtakes of the movie.  i wanna see you next in drag tooo *lol*…
honey i love this fucking perfect view on our business. I don’t have to earn my money with my drag thing but if i have to.. i would go to key west and perform in Sushi’s bar…
a great entertainment, a senseful look and a funny way to show what we do.

I saw many drag films.. be part of some TV documentaries and playing a few music videos in the last seven years .. but the main thing i love in drag is to meet people like YOU and SUSHI.
That’s the reason why i do drag and burlesque.. and thats the reason why i would rate your film as gorgeous as i can. The world need films like that… !!

Two years ago a movie called Queen Raquela wins the Queer film festival in Berlin.
i am goin’ to the queer film festival in Berlin on this friday… and maybe you can send this movie to the jury next year. That could be a perfect situation to meet us here 🙂 …

i will let you know when the review is online… !!
can i publish some stills of this film?


I Loved Your Film about the Drag Queens

January 16th, 2011 No comments

Robbie Hopcraft and RV's mom Ann Swain

hi Robbie,   I was just in K W for fantasy fest 2010  of course I went to 801 and saw the show, I love it and I love the girls!! when I heard about the movie I ordered it, just came yesterday and I love it!! I bought the book ages ago and also loved that.

I think it is wonderful how they have put themselves out there, of course the show’s are great, but in books and film... to really get a feel for their life, and of course we all have a “MOM” so I loved that…. I was sad to hear that R.V. Beaumont had passed away, and that makes the film that much more special… yes I know well all the good work the girls do in key west, I have been spending a lot of time there for about 30 years, and that is also important that you mentioned it in the film….. these girls are not just a bunch of pretty faces!! they live and love key west and give a lot of heart to a already wonderful city!!  bravo to them all, I must say I loved seeing “Miss Destiny” love you long time!   thanks so much

hugs to all …  jean

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