Finding the Perfect Erotic Stories

Erotic stories can be great diversions. You can get sexually excited just by reading this type of books. And you can enjoy erotic stories on your time and at your place. Not only for yourself, but for your partner, erotic stories can be great. As you know, you will have a greater time with your partner in bed if you get yourself appropriately sexually excited. And erotic stories can cause you to feel intense sexual excitement. Erotic stories have turned out to be saviors to numerous relationships that are on the edge of break-up. To prove all these, you can go try reading these stories. And I bet erotic stories will get you hooked. However, it can be quite challenging to get hold of the right erotic story.


To Ensure That You End Up With The Right Erotic Stories, You Need To Consider Some Important Factors:


First of all, you will have to decide on the level of your tolerance. What I mean is, some might prefer erotic stories with full details of the sexual encounters while others might like something left to the imagination. Many would just want sex depicted in an indirect and metaphorical manner while others want sex to be discussed openly and directly.

The next thing you ought to do is decide on the type of sex materials that turn you on. Do you want to read about inter-gender or heterosexual relationships? Or do you want to read about homosexual relationships?

And last of all, you should select the theme for your erotic stories. You can choose from an extensive variety of themes. If you like crime and suspense, you can definitely find this kind of erotic story. You can also obtain books revolving around themes of mystery, romance, thriller, horror and sci-fi. This means that you do not have to change your preference when it comes to books when reading erotic stories!

So, basically, these are the things you have to look at to ensure that you select the right erotic stories to read. If you do not have any idea on what you want, you can just try to get a book that offers a little bit of all the factors mentioned above. And from there, you may be able to determine what suits you best. Just bear in mind that the key to finding the right book for you is to read synopses, users’ comments and reviews when obtaining a book.


You Can Get Your Erotic Stories Easily Over The Internet:


There are so many erotic stories out there. You can even find websites focused solely on selling erotic stories in e-books. That is why it is important to make up your mind on what type of theme you would want your erotic stories to have before going out to purchase these books. As for instance, if you want romantic erotic stories, make sure you specifically key that in the search engine. Doing this will help narrow down your results. You still may be overwhelmed by the search results but this will drastically reduce the number of erotic stories search results.

You Can Also Get Erotic Stories At Local Bookstores:

Another way to get good erotic stories is by getting a hard copy from bookstores. You can visit a book store and get help from the store associates. They can guide you to the erotic stories that are exactly what you are searching for. A hard copy may be more costly than the e-book, but it is perfect for those who cannot stand staring at the computer for long hours.

Not that we can be together, is simply that we dare not be.

I’ve always been very sympathetic girl and it is just a necessary quality in the escort. We need to know if our client is a ease, if you are the “cuddle” or sex “hard”. I don’t think it tells a lot of my well being easily say We are very sensitive.

Lately I love to use the internet customer forums and understand what they think or what believe that, and the theme of love and among us appears on many occasions. I already warned it’s a subject matter that some would speak again, but do not want to be heavy …

The trouble is this story is almost always the same and usually the same. Unfortunately that this cases I understand tend to end badly too, truly due to fear. Not really that we can easily be together, is actually that individuals dare not be.

When you read an account that touches your heart, it is impossible to never mourn to understand what he feels, in cases like this. I won’t let you know that if or where I just read it, but not much difficult you see it ‘s. What got me was … He was sincere. I say seems silly when I read a few of these stories sounds much more me “enchochamiento” than “love” seems to see a chavalita may be his daughter and his awesome wife forget … And his own daughters.

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A Brief History Of Vibrators

Have you ever stared at something and wondered…”Who thought of that? …and why?”

Well, I had one such moment just last week. At a Hen Party a bright pink vibrator was being thrown around in a ‘pass the parcel’ type of game and when it landed in my lap among squeals and giggles – I squinted my eyes a little and thought, “Hummm, I wonder who invented vibrators….and why!”

I have since discovered that the answer to ‘why’ is not as obvious as you might think and it is far more interesting than the ‘who’!

Once upon a time, in 1883 to be precise, the vibrator was first patented as a medical device by a doctor in the UK by the name of Joseph Mortimer Granville. Dr Granville invented this electromechanical contraption to relieve hysteria in women and by all accounts the device was bulky and not easily portable. Hysteria in women was thought to be due to a lack of sexual intercourse and at the time, medical professionals believed that hysteria lead to the inflammation of the uterus, which then “necessitated the expulsion of fluids to prevent it from wandering” from its proper anatomical ‘home’ and possibly suffocating the woman who ‘housed’ it.

Medical professionals believed that it was best to coax the ‘nomadic’ womb back into place with ‘massage treatments’ and records of hysteria and its ‘manipulation treatments’ date back as far as 2000 BC in Egypt…. so it appears that this mistreatment of women had been going on for quite some centuries.

It appears also that this (mis)treatment was not commonly regarded as sexual and that doing it by hand was a ‘chore’ and tiring work for the medical professional. Not surprisingly therefore, Dr Granville’s contraption was welcomed by many of his colleagues.

The huge potential market for hand-held vibrators as we know them today was first recognised by entrepreneurs with Hamilton Beach of Racine,USA who patented the first hand held vibrator in 1902. The vibrator was the fifth ‘electrical home appliance’ available, after the sewing machine but it came along (excuse the pun) well before the electric iron and the vacuum cleaner.

In the early 1900s women could use mail order to buy vibrating massagers from advertisements in publications such as Needlecraft and Womens Home Companion. Interestingly, one vibrator advertisement dated 1910 reads – “The secret of the ages has been discovered in vibration. Great scientists tell us that we owe not only our health but even our life strength to this wonderful force. Vibration promotes your life and vigour, your strength and beauty. … vibrate your body and make it well. You have no right to fel or be sick…”

Nowadays vibrators that were once dubbed “masturbatory machines” for “sexually dysfunctional females”- are being stocked in stores around the world and of course online too. For example, at sites like you’ll find many articles, information, raves and reviews and links to the many stores that stock these best-selling vibrators.

Even through the recent recession, sales of vibrator are up 20 percent in the last year. Their use is extremely widespread too, fifty-three percent of U.S. women and nearly half of all men report having used a vibrator, according to two recent national surveys from Indiana University. Well, it would seem therefore that there a lot of people who still fear their womb might ‘emigrate’ at any moment – so just to be sure…perhaps it’s time you got yourself a vibrator or three too! You just never know when your womb might up and leave!

Stuck In A Sex-life Rut?

Once upon a time Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer sang, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, my lovelife is boring me to tears – after all these years….”

Well, unfortunately in long-term relationships, it is so easy to be stuck in a rut with your partner and while this may be ‘comfortable’, it can make your sex life – how can we put this politely….well,  a little ordinary. However, by shaking it up and using these sex tips, you can revive the spark that first brought you two together. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Sex Tip 1: Treat yourself

It is not possible to have great sex if you do not feel sexy. So splash out and treat yourself to a new aftershave or some new lingerie, whatever is needed to put a spring back into your step.

Sex Tip 2: Flirt with each other

Send your partner playful, sexy messages throughout the day. Build up the anticipation by telling him or her  what you want to do to him/her later.

Sex Tip 3: In the mood

Do not undervalue the power of lighting a few candles. Make sure your bedroom is sexy and does not have laundry or paperwork littering it.

Sex Tip 4: Just kiss

Agree to place a ban on sex for a certain length of time and just kiss and focus on foreplay. Abstention from sex has the added ‘plus’ of charging you both up.

Sex Tip 5: Surprise!

Do not wear any underwear and let him/her find out.

Sex Tip 6: Watch a sexy film together

It does not have to be porn for it to be sexy.

Sex Tip 7: Buy a new toy

Nothing spices up a dull sex life like a new adult toy. Begin your search at sites like where you’ll find the best Hitachi Wand articles, information, raves and reviews and links to the stores that stock them. Shopping together for something sexy and the anticipation of your package’s arrival will create a new ‘buzz’ in your bedroom.

Sex Tip 8: Change position!

Visit Google – type in ‘sex position’ and then click on ‘Images’ – I am pretty sure that something will catch your eye – enough said!

Sex Tip 9: Fantasy Island

A little role-playing can be fun and do not limit yourselves to the bedroom. Start having fun before you even get home – meet at a restaurant or bar and pretend you just met.

Sex Tip 10: Get out of the bedroom

Sometimes a change of locale is all that’s needed to spice up the action. Try having sex somewhere out of the ordinary; in your spa or swimming pool late at night, in the back of the car… just be careful not to be caught!

If any of the ideas makes you feel jittery – then that is the one ‘adventure’ you ought to try first! The big advantage of being with someone for a while is that you can completely trust & feel safe with him or her, so do not hesitate to try something out of your normal comfort zone, especially when you know it is going to spice your sex life right up!

We Loved The Film

We all loved the film!  We didn’t have computers with us, and our rooms at Big Ruby’s didn’t have a DVD player, so we were not able to look at it until we returned to Memphis.

We were able to see several shows at 801, so that made seeing the film even better.  It was fun, very interesting, and parts of it were terribly sweet – particularly the scenes with the mothers.  Sushi is our favorite – talented, bright, insightful, and quite funny.  We spent so much time at the shows that Sushi noticed and convinced me to have my picture made – she can be terribly kind to us old lesbians!  Thought you’d think it was cute, so I am attaching it.

Fun at the 801

Thanks so much for helping us make our friend’s 75th birthday so much fun!  Also, we are ready for Audience with the Queens, Part 2, and for our next visit to Key West!


Memphis, Tn


Another Great Film Review

Hi Robbie…

the famous Drag Queen - Sheila Wolf

nice to see you in the outtakes of the movie.  i wanna see you next in drag tooo *lol*…
honey i love this fucking perfect view on our business. I don’t have to earn my money with my drag thing but if i have to.. i would go to key west and perform in Sushi’s bar…
a great entertainment, a senseful look and a funny way to show what we do.

I saw many drag films.. be part of some TV documentaries and playing a few music videos in the last seven years .. but the main thing i love in drag is to meet people like YOU and SUSHI.
That’s the reason why i do drag and burlesque.. and thats the reason why i would rate your film as gorgeous as i can. The world need films like that… !!

Two years ago a movie called Queen Raquela wins the Queer film festival in Berlin.
i am goin’ to the queer film festival in Berlin on this friday… and maybe you can send this movie to the jury next year. That could be a perfect situation to meet us here 🙂 …

i will let you know when the review is online… !!
can i publish some stills of this film?


Drag Queen Film Viewer Comments

Audience With The Queens really humanizes a very interesting group of outrageous characters. It left me wanting more.”

Scot Hoard, Program Director, Key West Film Society

Samantha, Sushi, Robbie Hopcraft, Gugi Gomez and Gassy Winds

I Loved Your Film about the Drag Queens

Robbie Hopcraft and RV's mom Ann Swain

hi Robbie,   I was just in K W for fantasy fest 2010  of course I went to 801 and saw the show, I love it and I love the girls!! when I heard about the movie I ordered it, just came yesterday and I love it!! I bought the book ages ago and also loved that.

I think it is wonderful how they have put themselves out there, of course the show’s are great, but in books and film... to really get a feel for their life, and of course we all have a “MOM” so I loved that…. I was sad to hear that R.V. Beaumont had passed away, and that makes the film that much more special… yes I know well all the good work the girls do in key west, I have been spending a lot of time there for about 30 years, and that is also important that you mentioned it in the film….. these girls are not just a bunch of pretty faces!! they live and love key west and give a lot of heart to a already wonderful city!!  bravo to them all, I must say I loved seeing “Miss Destiny” love you long time!   thanks so much

hugs to all …  jean

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Every Woman Necessities a Pair of Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are made from a product which has open, equilateral shapes. The substance implemented to create these stockings are offered in numerous colours which have been ideal to don on any tropical beachfront. Just about every lady loves the fundamental black fishnet lingerie. You should pick precise bright colours that should reflect the light and also sun in tropical climates. Before, fishnet stockings were primarily worn by burlesque dancers, enhancing their stage charm. They used to be then adopted and incorporated during the fashion business being put on while using small black dress. The stockings are also widely used to provide the impression of glamor when worn together using a cocktail dress.

Some of this shades to pick from are white, red, yellow and pastels. A single of a most preferred fishnet stockings are sported in conventional matte black. Though this is usually a bit dull when put on about the tropical beaches. During the past the stockings ended up put on by individuals that practiced a punk and Gothic manner. Right now the fishnet body stocking are put on as a manner statement with the mainstream trend sector. Mainly because the stockings cling to the system they define each curve, hence generating you appear far more sleek and toned. Fishnet stockings are usually regarded as as sexy garments. The stockings usually are worn with other clothing things, to include to your attractiveness.  The diamond designs include to your physical attractiveness which is portrayed. During the past, fishnet stockings were definitely put on with garter belts. In latest times the garter belts are no longer crucial because the stockings are worn as tights or pantyhose. For an exotic seem to be a lady can even now wear the very same while using the garter belt. Whether utilized as all the above, the definition will not change.

When worn on tropical beaches the stockings is usually chosen as aspect in the swimwear, particularly by women who tend not to prefer to expose as well considerably, but nevertheless want to glimpse alluring whilst swimming or lying on the beachfront. The women who dress yourself in this still manage to seem sexy without having any extreme exposure. Color coordination is especially critical for girls who would like to put on the fishnet tights when on tropical holidays. Also, it truly is most excellent they not be paired with patterned fabric.

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