Audience with the Queens - a new look at Drag Queens
Audience with the Queens is an award winning documentary on the lives behind the scenes of the Key West Drag Queens

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Viewer Comments ~ Audience with the Queens

"Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the life's of some very versatile guys/girls. Your film is enlightening, fun, sad entertaining and heart felt.....would love to see and learn more about the 801 Girls! Wishing all of you great success!"

Denise Black
Bristol, R.I.


I received my copy of “Audience with the Queens” yesterday and
immediately put it in my DVR. I’ve been so excited to see the movie
since I read about it online. You see, I’ve seen the 801 girls at
least a dozen times and have always wondered about who they were
behind the make-up, wigs and stilettos.

I have a group of friends that gather in Key West every year for a
“girls only” week of silly, lazy, drunk fun. The usual Key West
debauchery. We go at the beginning of October when crowds are at a
minimum, but the weather is still warm enough to enjoy an afternoon
lounging on the beach. Our first year we literally stumbled into The
801 for the 11:00 Saturday Sex Show. After I ended up lying on my
back onstage with my feet in the air, we were hooked. Devoted fans!
We’ve been back to see a show every year since and the girls are
always entertaining, hilarious and a true highlight of our trip!

When I discovered that you were doing a documentary about Sushi and
the girls, I called all my “October Girls” and we started watching the
clips on your web site. Then we saw it….the most amazing thing!
We’re all in your film as audience members!! In the scene where
Sushi is singing “Falling in Love” we are in the audience sitting
stage right. We’ll collect our royalty checks in October when we
visit again! ;)

Your documentary was fun, entertaining and really provided a great
peek into the life of some very talented, interesting and intelligent
performers. Since my first 801 show, it’s been on my “bucket list” to
see the girls get ready backstage before a performance. You provided
me a little glimpse of that dream and I thank you! Of course it goes
without saying that if you ever need audience members for upcoming
films of the girls, you can count on us to be there each and every

The “October Girls” are planning a movie premiere of our own and will
screen “Audience with the Queens” to all of our suburban,
heterosexual, soccer mom friends in our small Texas town very soon.
We figure everyone needs a little Sushi in their life!

Best of luck as you move forward with your film screenings. You
deserve many accolades for making this film, and for taking the
mystery out of the make up.

Best regards,
Jennifer Cox
Trophy Club, TX

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