Audience with the Queens - a new look at Drag Queens
Audience with the Queens is an award winning documentary on the lives behind the scenes of the Key West Drag Queens
Key West Unplugged

About the Film
Audience with the Queens ~ "an eye opening film series"

Heads turn and eyes pop when Key West Drag Queens strut their stuff down Duval Street in Key West, Florida—not just because their spiked heels, high fashion and big “hair Do’s” are flashy, but because these “girls” are real Drag Queen beauties and merely just one aspect of Key West’s open-minded welcome to everyone; no matter who you are, no matter what you do.

Key West is home to varying cultures and alternative lifestyles, the end of the Florida Keys chain is known for far more than its balmy breezes; fishing guides, scuba divers, artists, authors, poets, performers and yes, the talented drag queens mix like sugar into the human melting pot of Key West’s culture and characters. But these Queens are not just your average drag queens; they are the famous 801 Cabaret Club entertainers led by Sushi, a creative fashion designer who is broadcast worldwide every New Year’s Eve on CNN News as she drops in a shoe from the top of the Bourbon Street Bar.

The Key West Drag Queens
Key West Drag Queens
Samantha, Sushi, Gassy Winds & Gugi

The shows here are outrageous, well choreographed and sometimes very kinky.

Take a look around our “Audience with the Queens” website to get a true perspective of the drag queen personae, and to preview the upcoming series about the lives and experiences of some of Key West’s cross-dressing. amazingly talented and creative drag performers.

The STARS make an entrance to the Theatre

Produced and Directed by: Robbie Hopcraft
Cinematography: Robbie Hopcraft
Edited by Mary Sparacio
Editing and Sound by Tom Jackson


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